Scandiano roots are well-consolidated in a past that reveals all the passion and the love for the genuine and the true things, produced from the experience and handmade ability of the craftsmen, handed down from father to son. More than fifty years ago, two young men operated in a small industries laboratory situated in Ponte a Cappiano, (small town restructured by Cosimo de’ Medici) and thank to their ingenuity and capacity, they started a production of leather articles, using a Santa Croce’s raw material. The artifacts made were right in the style and in the correct positioning in the market.

At the beginning they made saddles in different types and in different sizes, imposing all their artifacts throughout the national market, thanks to the selection of raw material and for the sophisticated design. Over time the production was amplified and from the saddles they had passed to the small leather goods: bags, suitcases, backpacks, belts, wallets. The 1960s were years of the big dreams, enthusiasm and economic prosperity. In Italy this fast development stage became know as the “Economic Boom” and the two founding, with the help of the sons, become a strong and solid reality that develops their producer identities on the territory. The leather goods sector, becoming a big company in this sector. In the meantime, the production become wide in all sector and becoming a real collection with a great creativity. The market development and the competition pushed the sons to patent the mark of Scandiano: the stylized Horse’s head, to protect the originality of the product and its origin. Since then, Scandiano is become a brand with a high quality, where the uniqueness is based on the product realizing with a particular process productive.

Each form in the production is inspired by a past, transforming the historic memories in a present thing, with an actual characteristics. Scandiano’s values and styles are classics.